Dick Grayson!
what do you think about the gun in Grayson? im personally kinda pissed people are so judgmental over it; i won't judge until it actually comes out, but i just thought, since you read a substantial amount of pre-52 dick comics, what your opinion was?

idc about the gun lol people are putting way too much stock into that. it’s just a cover and anyway dick’s a professional who was raised by batman and is a former cop, I’m p sure he knows how to shoot without killing. I’m more mad about the hair cut!!! where are people’s priorities smh we should be rioting in the streets outside of dc’s offices until they give my boy back his pretty locks

how do you feel about the new dick grayson comic?

I’m cautiously excited! I’m not getting my hopes up too high bc I’ve been burned by DC before when I’ve done that but for now, I think this is a fun direction. Hopefully. Maybe. The thought of Dick being DC’s Black Widow is hot in any case lmao.

Dick's New 52 Robin suit isn't ugly! It's one of the better suits of the New 52!

better compared to the other redesigns of the new 52 but A HIDEOUS BLASPHEMOUS ABOMINATION compared to this iconic masterpiece of a costume 

How are you dealing with the news of our beloved Boy Wonder?

sad that the nightwing title is getting cancelled in april bc there’s so many great potential stories but I’m still hopeful that dick grayson might live? lol maybe it’s misplaced hope bc DC sucks and you can’t trust them. they really dug Dick into a hole. even if he does live, everyone knows his superhero identity. it makes things impossible for him to continue. and the dyeing his hair blonde theory is sooo dumb that it makes me think that’s DC’s actual solution to their fucking Dick Grayson over. smh @ everything that company is doing to my favorite characters rn. 

but I AM excited about scott snyder’s maybe possibly future nightwing in batman #28 I MEAN LOOK AT HER


PRAYER CIRCLE THAT IT’S CASSANDRA CAIN WITH A COOL MOHAWK even tho I know logically that it’s scott snyder’s unnecessary and boring ass OC harper row bUT I CAN HOPE THAT IT’S MAYBE CASS I HAVE A MONTH TO HOPE OK MAYBE IF I HOPE HARD ENOUGH…. lol. if anyone should be the new nightwing it should be nightwing’s sister come on dc cass cain for nightwing!!!! sigh but tbh I’m bracing myself to be pissed when this not-cass rando no one cares about becomes a permanent nightwing who acts more like a replacement robin ugh.

What are your thought of the Dixon run?

It was solid. Dixon always managed to make his basic, formulaic plot lines engaging enough to entertain me at just above the bare bones level haha. It was never anything omg wow amazing. Actually his one shot issues were much better than his drawn out arcs. Like, Nightwing #25 (train surfing with robin), Nightwing #33 (? or 31? idk the one where Superman comes to check on Dick), and Nightwing #52 (Catwoman says what up and they make out) are still some of my favorite Nightwing issues of the entire run so haha so he did something right. And he managed to get me invested in Dick’s background cast, in Bludhaven, and some of the villains were super cool, especially that red ribbon woman with all the bondage inspired images lol. And he gave us Officer Grayson! The only thing I really, really hated was how Dixon all but ignored the titans and distanced Dick from that part of his life which was SUCH A HUGE PART LIKE THOSE ARE HIS BFFS DUDE THEY ARE THE REASON HE BECAME NIGHTWING but yeah. Too bad Dixon revealed himself to be an ignorant homophobe whomp whomp. 

have you heard the news higgins is leaving nightwing starting from april? what do you expect from the new creative team?

I mostly hope there even IS a new creative team bc these nightwing death rumors will worry me until Forever Evil is over when I know 100% for sure Dick will be okay.

anyway, here’s what I expect:

  • mediocre to bad writing
  • decent art with the occasional GAG WHY brett booth type fill in
  • circus plot lines even tho who fucking CARES we get it he used to be an acrobat MOVE ON (take a shot if there are my parents are dead flashbacks)
  • an elementary, basic, wikipedia level understanding of Dick as character, where the writer ignores Dick’s most beloved traits like his hope, mentorship, inclination to lead and to lead effectively, charm, earnest desire to do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing and not bc he’s haunted by and hung up on his parents’ death when actually no not at all not even a lil bit he got over it why can’t you, etc. 
  • underdeveloped and boring supporting cast thanks to the writer’s lazy excuse for world building
  • a civilian love interest who either gets fridged or is revealed to be a villain surprise surprise (take a shot if she’s a redhead)
  • a very alienated dick grayson with no friends, despite the fact that he’s the most popular and well loved person in the dcu after Superman
  • continuity fuck ups which isn’t the writer’s fault, it’s DC’s, but it still pisses me off (take a shot when you twitch @ ‘4 robins in 5 years’)  
  • Dick being an inept pathetic flop for half his own series in order to build up a shitty C-list villain even tho the dude was BATMAN and was amazing at it
  • little to no mention of any of the titans even Starfire even though they were integral to Dick’s identity and growth as a hero
  • little to no mention of batfam members who aren’t Babs, Bruce or Alfred even though Damian died like, a month ago in canon
  • cheap humor, not enough puns, angry edgy monologue, dark themes that are boring pathetic attempts to mimic the perfection that was Scott Snyder’s The Black Mirror, bad editing, butchering the ICONIC discowing and robin costumes, downplaying dick’s detective and tech skills even tho (say it with me) he was BATMAN, boring formulaic plotlines, gratuitous butt shots but somehow not /enough/ gratuitous butt shots
  • and overall fucking up 

LOL AS YOU CAN TELL, MY EXPECTATIONS ARE VERY LOW I really just expect Nightwing’s new arcs of the reboot to be as boring as his past arcs have been. But I’ll take a shot when DC nevertheless still manages to disappoint and disgust me even with my very low expectations.

I've been following you for a while now because i've only ever read manga, but i loved dcau like my own family, and dick was my favorite character. I decided to try to get into comics with the 52, but, i should have listened to you. It has no heart.

"no heart" is the best and most succinct description of the new 52.

Ok, so I've got to ask... why is Dick treat Clancy so bad in the Dixon run? It something I've been wondering because I remember him blowing her off, leading her on (only to tell her he's rekindling things with Barbara) and never apologizes! Am I missing something?

it’s all the daddy issues, u know the type ;)

no but his vigilante superhero stuff was getting in the way which is why he blew her off so much. basically any relationship dick has with a civilian is doomed from the start bc he’s not being truthful with them about a big part of his life. poor clancy though, her heartbreak was inevitable with the way they were setting up dick/babs since the start of that book.

Do you know which issue it is where Rich and Tim are on the couch goofing around and Rich calls him little brother? It says Young Justice Secret Files and Origins, but I looked at that one and it's not in it. Thought?

I’m almost positive that it is indeed young justice secret files and origins but maybe I’m not thinking straight bc my thoughts about this whole message are just RICH????? RICH???!!!?!??1? who and why and what and mostly why omg embrace dick anon embrace DICK. 

hey, i'm really into dick grayson and i was wondering if you could create a chronological list of all the comic in which he makes an appearance, this would be really helpful as i want to read the whole history and not just snipbits. i would really appreciate it, but i understand that it's alot of work and i would understand if you told me to shove it! Thanks

haha lucky for you, comicvine already has a list of all his appearances. it’s not in chronological order but it’s still pretty sweet. hope that helps!

Not counting the Schumacher films, what was your least favorite portrayal outside the comics?

portrayal of dick grayson? bc its DEFINITELY the dark knight rises which isn’t actually dick grayson but it still pisses me off haha like how dare they give such a bastardized nod to robin through that weird gary stu john blake who came out of NO WHERE for no reason. literally what is the point of john blake he was such a shitty badly written character and then to attach the robin title to him with no mention of the original classic robin for like 50 years dick grayson??? and then release it to the general public who already have no knowledge of the robins so now millions of people think john blake is robin??? 

I was so mad haha esp since nolan and christian bale have both expressed their bad opinions about robin before like those dudes do not know shit about batman if they think a single negative thing about robin tbh. they should have just kept robin out of that overrated mess of a movie anyway they obviously don’t get him and don’t get why the batman/robin relationship is so important hmph dont ever trust “batman fans” with bad robin opinions!!! you know those type of mother fuckers only ever read frank miller’s batman!!! 

Hello! I enjoy Dick with the cowl. What books do you recommend to me that have him as Batman? Thanks for your time!

the best are Batman and Robin v1 by Grant Morrison and then Peter Tomasi’s takeover and Scott Snyder’s Detective Comics run, The Black Mirror. 

Hi. Just a friendly note from one Batman fan to another, Dick Grayson was not the second Batman, as you have him listed. Actually, he was the third. Jean-Paul Valley was the second. Just a reminder! Great blog! Keep up the good work!! :)

yes true BUT jean-paul valley bastardized batman and turned batman into azbats who no one likes anyway also back in ‘08 a bunch of us (like at least ten maybe you didn’t hear about it) agreed to blast him off the batman family tree (think of him as sirius black and us as his furious mother) so he is officially disowned and doesn’t count ;) 

thanks bud!

Apparently the writers of batman beyond ship Bruce X Barbara, I think its yucky, what do you think?

I went ‘ew’ out loud irl wow yucky is an understatement omg is there a word for yuckyx100000 bc that’s what I think of it

Hi! What are the ages of the batboys? What is the age difference between the Robins? I've looking for this in a lot of sites and everywhere I found different answers. You seem to know a lot about them so I thought I might ask to you about the issue. Thank you in advance. BTW, your tumblr is amazing! I so totally love it!

pre reboot/post crisis: the only boys whose ages were clearly stated were Tim at 17 and Damian at 10. Tim’s age dictates everyone else’s age because you have to account for Batman: Year Three when tiny Tim met the flying Graysons before Dick became Robin at the age of 12/13 (pre reboot at 8/10 aka the superior Dick as Robin ages!!! but let’s not get into that lol) in the third year of Batman’s career.

Dick had a six year career as Robin and when he became Nightwing at 18/19, Jason became Robin at 13. That’s a sixish year age difference. Jason died at 15/16 and Tim became Robin when Tim was 13/14. That’s a twoish year age difference. So Dick is about 8ish years older than Tim who is 17 which makes Dick around 25. Jason is twoish years older than Tim so Jason would be 19, maybe even 20. Cassandra Cain was around the same age as Jason so she would have been on the late side of 19. Stephanie was a year older than Tim and starting college so she would have been 18. Babs was depicted as older than Dick by at least 5 years when they were Batgirl/Robin but by Nightwing: Year One, Nightwing Annual #2 and Snyder’s Detective Comics, DC was trying to push Babs off as the same age as Dick which is ridiculous. So she should have been 30 but DC didn’t want that. A good compromise imo for Babs’ age is 27 years old. 

so to summarize, based on educated guesses and approximations, Babs was 27, Dick was 25, Jason was 20, Cassandra was 19, Steph was 18, Tim was 17 and Damian was 10. Logically, Bruce was probably pushing 45 but DC would rather eat shit than ever admit that.

post reboot: Babs is 21, Dick is 21, Jason is 19, Tim is still 17 and still a virgin who can’t drive, Steph is gone, Cass is gone, Damian died at the age of 10. Robins only lasted one year each so that simplifies things. Bruce is forever 30, just like DC always wanted~ pft what a cluster fucking joke of a timeline. 

who cares about canon though, just make them any age you want. even grant morrison thinks fuck it, they’re paper people, age doesn’t matter, etc.