Dick Grayson!


The day before becoming Nightwing. 


this was so cute…


When Dick Grayson quit being Robin.


When Dick Grayson quit being Robin.


New Teen Titans v1 #7

Raven so far has saved two of her teammates; earlier she saved Vic and now she’s saved Dick. 

This also may be where I started hardcore shipping Dick and Kory as a young teenager when I went back to read these.

New Teen Titans, #55


New Titans, Vol1, 55 (1989)


New Titans, Vol1, 55 (1989)


From Tales of the Teen Titans #50 (February 1985) and Justice League of America #0 (September 2006)

Original and an update.

Both are nice. I like that the artists didn’t update the ridiculous 80s clothes. I think I like the original better, though.


Well that’s one way to say fuck you to editorial demands that you don’t like.

"Your mind is your greatest weapon."

The New Teen Titans Vol. 1, #26


Kory and Dick at Donna’s wedding. look at that dress!


From Batman and the Outsiders #5 (December 1983)

It ends on a high note.

*I must admit I was a tad annoyed, though. Batman kind of sucks at leading in this arc, yet he still gets tons of credit at the end. Oh well.


- The New Titans 86

"How the hell do people like you and Bruce keep it bottled up in side you? Don’t you ever have to let loose? To let go? If I didn’t - I think I’d explode."

Dick is overcome with grief, anger and frustration and when Slade taunts him Dick lets loose and attacks him, forcing Slade to return the fight.


From New Teen Titans #31 (May 1983)

Life is taking its toll on Dick. The Titans are having arguments and such, but what’s really bothering Dick are things in Gotham. Dick’s friends Trinia and Joe Todd offer to help Dick catch Killer Croc, and Dick takes them up on their offer. Things don’t work out quite as planned.