Dick Grayson!
Hey, I'm fairly new to the DC fandom but I know I'm a Dick Grayson fan. I'm a little confused though and this might seem like a stupid question but, who's Donna Troy? Was she like Dick's ex girlfriend or something?

Donna is Dick’s oldest and best friend. He walked her down the aisle at her wedding, she helped him through his break up with Kory, he helped her find her parents and identity, etc. They’re platonic soul mates~ 

  1. elenorasweet said: They’re the best, and I want to see them together again. And not romantically, either, which I’m always afraid they’ll try.
  2. szejo said: Do you think they were ever friends with benefits?
  3. abbyromana said: Wonderfully put.
  4. more-like-a-justice-league said: one of Dick’s oldest and best friends.*
  5. toalwaysbeme said: DICKDONNA BROTP 5EVER