Dick Grayson!
Who do you think will be the next robin? =(

Hopefully no one. I don’t feel like getting emotionally attached again only to have my heart BROKEN by that evil comic book company.

  1. canopydetoiles said: Seriously, if they get yet another Robin soon we will see Robin #450 or something. Just stop, DC. It’s enough with the Robin-killing and New-inventing…
  2. amodernmythology said: Harper from Batman 12.
  3. chrysanths said: trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  4. aliceandtheraven said: There has honestly been enough Robins but. I’m already disappointed in the New 52’s. You think instead of fixing up the timeline, making stories cohesive they made them worse.
  5. sistermagpie said: God, I hope there’s no new Robin. For so many reasons, there’s absolutely no reason to do it.
  6. graysonsdick said: mte
  7. in-vicis said: UGH. I KNOW.
  8. cautiousamber said: SAME
  9. ewan-mcgruber said: i think it might be harper row
  10. capricious-witch said: I agree it’s like WHY!? FUCKIN DC!
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