Dick Grayson!
If Dick Grayson can have background music, what should it sound like? Rock? Rap? Techno?

dick grayson background music should sound exactly like this

  1. kenuss said: This image of him walking through a crowd of screaming fangirls in slow motion while the wind blows through his voluminous, silky black hair while this song plays in the background is wonderful.
  2. birdstump said: hahahaha karen so good
  3. touchablyalive said: no, no; it’s gotta be Booty Man
  4. silvertales said: A-men… might good man, indeed!
  5. omolara-oolong said: I’m pretty sure I love you right now.
  6. xerawin said: Omg this needs to be rebloggable…
  7. weirdleech said: I always imagined like this youtube.com/watch?v… … you know, with all that ass. lol